"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break." -Chinese proverb

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Toy Mall insanity- day 9

Today, we braved the subway with the family that we met in Beijing who also adopted from Harmony House and went to what everyone calls the "Toy Mall". I'm not sure what the actual name of the mall is or why people call it the toy mall because it has a whole lot of stuff besides toys. It's 9 stories high and full of booths with anything from toys, to drones, to ceramics, to just all kinds of random things. And it's all dirt cheap! So how could you not go?

We wandered around and mostly found things for the kids, of course. Ethan got a ginormous thing of Star Wars Legos, or Star Wnrs Lepin (haha), and a stuffed dinosaur, Ella got a stuffed cat and a bunny purse, and Liana got a microphone for singing karaoke (God help us) and a stuffed lucky cat. I got Charlotte some squeaky pigs (which she promptly threw on the floor, her funnest game) for the bath in hopes that she'll take a bath without me and a bunny that I can hang on the carrier so she has something to fiddle with while she's in it. The family we were hanging out with adopted the cutest little 4 year old girl and she and Ethan have taken a shine to each other. He makes her laugh. Imagine that. Together, they are trouble because they're both so cute and energetic! Ethan said she gave him 2 kisses and he seemed quite pleased, saying, "I've only been kissed by family members before!" Maybe when they're in their 20's.... Hahaha!

After we made it back to our hotel, we ate McDonald's. Yes, again, don't judge us too harshly! Charlotte went down for a long nap, which is great because she is still sick and seems a bit out of it today. She also took a little nap in the carrier while we were shopping today.

In case you're wondering about the sibling dynamic, Charlotte has gotten all of her siblings wrapped around her little finger. She is the boss and a perfect baby of the family! It's fun because there is a good 4 1/2 years age difference between Charlotte and Liana so they all look huge compared to her, even Liana! They are so cute, doing everything they can to make her smile. Ethan gets attention from her by being loud and goofy. Liana gets attention from her by being quiet and willing to share anything with her that Charlotte grabs. She is an absolute angel. Charlotte grabs her tablet and Liana shows her how to use it. Charlotte grabs her camera and Liana helps her take a selfie. Ella gets cuddles and walks. Charlotte likes to climb up on Ella's bed, which is by the tv and she ends up on Ella's lap, cuddling. Ella also lets her lead her all over the room, even climbing under the desk. Of course, all of this will change when we get home and the novelty wears off but at this point, I am loving the sweetness! They treat her so well!

Charlotte is itty bitty. I weighed her and she is only 19 lbs! And she will be 2 in 2 weeks! This is 2 lbs lighter than I was told and I'm sure that she was probably weighed with clothes on. They layer these kids in tons of clothes! On the airplane from Beijing to Guangzhou, Charlotte was sweating so I took her sweatshirt off and under was a long sleeved shirt and I had also been handed a coat that I refused to put on her because she gets super hot in the carrier, which I used in the airport. She ended up getting sick all over her clothes on the plane and under her pants, I found another pair of pants, quilted pants, and this was on a day that was going to be in the high 60's in Beijing! I'm sure her nannies would be wringing their hands over the way I'm dressing her in one layer! I haven't been scolded by any grannies yet but I've heard that happens sometimes if they think you aren't dressing them warm enough.

The face of a parent on day 9 in China?!

Who doesn't love Star Wnrs?!  and Lepin??

Tim, I took this picture for Taylor. Ella said, "Taylor would love this place!"

She's actually cuddling something soft! She usually throws them to the ground

The kids' scores from the "toy mall"

Enjoying a steamed bun

Lounging in the Executive Lounge. That's right...we're big time. Ha!


  1. I sure wish I would've gotten to this blog sooner. It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. The trip of a lifetime and this is your second. I think it's huge that you took your kiddos again, they will remember the experience their whole lives. Im very proud of all of you and look forward to hearing of yoursafe return home. Until then, keep enjoying the journey and be safe! Oh and Taylor loved the minion picture. It rekindled her love for "Dave".
    Love you guys!

  2. Another amazing adventure for the whole family to remember! You do such a good job of describing everything that we almost feel like we're there! The kids' reactions to Charlotte just fill my heart! Believe me, there is NO judging --McDonalds or anything else! We are just in awe of how fantastic you are ALL doing, and what a marvelous trip you are having!! Love your expression as "a parent on day 9 in China", it sorta says it all!! xxoo