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Friday, March 24, 2017

Lazy day- day 8

This morning Charlotte had to go to a medical clinic to make sure she doesn't bring any horrible diseases to the U.S. I decided to go by myself with Charlotte to the appointment so we wouldn't have to drag the other three kids with us. She was a very good girl at the appointment. There are three stations that you have to go to: ENT, nurse, and general. During the nurse's station, they weighed her and checked her height. This was the only time she cried because they made her lay down where I couldn't be right by her. The good part was, she was so upset, she was hanging onto a part of the table and wouldn't let go until I went to grab her and she reached for me and calmed down right away. In the waiting room, while we waited for the other families to finish, she was downright charming. She was smiling and started saying, "mama!" which we had never heard her say, except on video chat a while ago. She has been to shy with us to use her voice but she said it over and over and over today and it was adorable!

After the appointment, we came back to the hotel and Erik and Ethan ran next door to grab McDonald's for lunch. Charlotte had her first Happy Meal and she loved it! She has started coughing today and she felt warm to me so I took her temperature and it was 101.7. Poor wee thing. Luckily, she went down for a good nap and seemed to feel a little better when she woke up. Hopefully she will get better quickly!

With Charlotte being sick and the rest of us feeling lazy, we decided to take it easy and just hang out at the hotel. The kids have all been amazing on this trip! I am so glad that they are here with us! They adore Charlotte! I know this will change but none of them have shown any jealousy toward her yet. They have more energy than we would like at times *coughEthancough* but they are mostly happy and up for whatever we're doing for the day. We are almost done with our appointments but they have done really well at all of them, with the help from their tablets. Thank God for tablets!

She's looking at me like, "Mama, rescue me!"

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  1. It sounds like Charlotte is really bonding with you! "Mama" must be music to your ears! So glad her checkups went well. I hope whatever caused the fever is minor and quickly gone. Ella, Ethan, and Liana are the most amazing, adaptable little travelers! I swear you could take them anywhere! Love and prayers.