"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break." -Chinese proverb

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Brave or stupid?- day 17

Sorry no blogging for the last couple of days. We are in Hong Kong! And we've only been at the hotel late and figuring out the internet was too much work so I put it off until this morning. So I will play a little catch up.

Friday, we pretty much just spent the day packing up. Our guide gave us Charlotte's passport with her U.S. visa, which is the last thing we needed to leave. We were catching a 5:30 Hong Kong train so we and another family checked out around 4:00 and took our shuttle to the train station. The train was pretty drama free and kind of fun. It was about a two hour ride and it was such a smooth ride that Charlotte had no motion sickness. We had about an hour drive to our hotel and our guide pointed out a lot of things in Hong Kong, which was pretty awesome but hard to see in the dark. Our hotel is connected to the airport so it's super convenient but not the best room for a family of 6. There are three small beds and a crib. Erik slept on the floor, Ethan and Liana are floppers so they each got their own bed, and Ella and I shared a bed. Not the best situation but we only had to sleep here for two nights.

We woke up pretty late on Saturday, ate breakfast, and caught a cab to DISNEYLAND!!! I told you we are Disnerds! When we told other adoptive families that we were going to stay an extra day in Hong Kong so that we could go to Disneyland, they thought we were nuts! One mom even said, "I don't know if you're brave or stupid!" Thaaaanks. Whatever though, we know what we can handle and we've done a lot with these kids, I don't think a day in Disneyland is going to break us! So we did it. And it was awesome! I'm not saying it was easy all of the time but it was worth it and we had a blast!

We learned really quick that Hong Kong Disney is awesome for parents who want to ride the rides but have a little kid. They let you all go in, then one parent sits out with the kid, the other parent rides, gets off the ride, you switch and the other parent gets right on! Easiest rider switch ever! So we did as many fun rides as we could! Charlotte's first ride was It's a Small World and she sat there looking around at everything with the biggest eyes ever! The big kids got to train to be Jedi and fight Darth Vader. Liana did an amazing job fighting him and the whole crowd cheered! It was so great! Charlotte loved Mickey's PhilharMagic, which is a 4D movie that is adorable and fun. She was so caught up in the show, she didn't even try to mess with her 3D glasses that I was holding onto her tiny face! She really had a great time at Disneyland and I think she is well on her way to becoming a Disnerd like the rest of us! She started out the day dressed as Minnie Mouse and ended up dressed as Cinderella. She was just precious! We were able to stay until closing, which was only at 8:30 so not super late. Then we drug our tired and sore bodies back to the taxis and back to the hotel.

Now, here we are at the hotel, mostly packed up and ready to go HOME!!!! 17 days is a long time! We are time traveling because our flight leaves at 2:30 pm and we fly directly to DFW and arrive at 4:30 pm, after 15ish hours. So weird! Alright, Erik is putting the pressure on so I'll post some pics and go.

The kids with our awesome guide, John. He offered to let Ethan stay for an extra week and then ship him home. Haha

Hong Kong Disneyland!!!

She wanted toys. BAD!

They had "Easter eggs" all over the park

Ella was a lovely princess Jedi

I had no idea what an awesome Jedi Liana would be!

Using "The Force"

Charlotte on "It's a Small World"

Cinderella!!! And do you see my amazing leggings?!

These shoes gave Liana blisters so she switched to flip flops but at least we got a pic!

Toy Story Land

Beauty and the Beast

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Photo shoot and shopping- day 14

We're leaving Guangzhou tomorrow and I am ready! Today, we got the kids dressed in their Chinese silk outfits and took them to the playground area on the hotel roof to take pictures of them like we did last time when we adopted Liana. It was actually busy there, which was super annoying because it is never busy. Charlotte was not thrilled with this idea and we couldn't get a smile out of her. We did our best, that's all I can say.

After Charlotte's nap, we decided to take the subway to a mall. It wasn't bad. They had this store called Uniqlo that I discovered when I wandered around Disney Springs on Erik's and my Disney trip. The best part is they have great super soft Disney shirts for cheap. I actually found shirts for me and Ella for around $3-4 each! So, of course, we bought a bunch of Disney shirts. Have I mentioned we're Disnerds? You'll see....

Anyways, after wandering the mall for a while, we went back to the hotel, ate some dinner, I put Charlotte to bed while Erik and the kids ran to McDonald's to bring back some ice cream for us (sorry Charlotte) and that was basically it. I'm looking forward to getting to Hong Kong tomorrow!

If you look closely, we're wearing matching leggings and her shirt says, "Together at Last"

She looks so itty bitty here next to her siblings!

Uhh, sounds creepy more than comforting...