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Monday, March 27, 2017

Pandamonium- day 11

We woke up nice and early this morning so that we could eat at the amazing breakfast buffet before we met up with a bunch of other Holt families in the lobby to go to the Chimelong Safari Park. The drive to the safari park take close to an hour and we had a lot of kids with motion sickness on our bus. 3 or 4 kids got sick, including Charlotte, on the bus. Guess who chose to sit by each other instead of sitting by Mommy and Charlotte on the way home? Everybody.

Anyhoo, we got to the safari park and got straight into line for...well, a safari. We rode on these train looking things to see the animals and Charlotte loved it! Thank God! I was worried she might get sick again but it was in open air and that made all the difference. She didn't care about the animals one little bit but she loved the ride.

After the safari, we ditched our guide and walked around the rest of the park. Ethan was thrilled that the first part was a Dinosaur Trail with all of these animatronic dinosaurs. He acted like a little know it all because he, Daddy and Ella had run through the rain to see it the last time we came 4 years ago while the rest of our group waited in a gift shop. Never mind, he was only 2 then, he acted like he remembered it all. What a goofball! Of course, the most important part of the safari park was the PANDAS!! Apparently, this park holds the only living panda triplets. It's a BIG deal and they play it up big time. The pandas were very cool because pandas always are. The park was fun but exhausting! The drive home was very quiet and I think all of the kids were too busy sleeping to throw up.

Charlotte was so good at the safari park! She opens up to us more and more every day. She has her times where she avoids me but I'm also the one she wants for comfort. Always. She only wants Mommy when she's tired or grumpy, which is fine by me! But she loves all of the kids and she loves her Daddy too! She is showing some sass more and more, thinking she's funny. It's too cute when she gets in one of her silly moods. But then she also kind of stands around avoiding eye contact with any of us other times. She definitely has a long ways to go but she's come a long way already. I know this has to be so confusing and crazy to her but she's tough like her big sis, Liana, and she will make it through.

I don't think they're dead...?

 Sorry Buddy, don't think that's going to work.

Apparently we really like the "scared" pose

This is the face she made when she drank Sprite

She slept through the pandas! :-(

She's passed out here too but I put her in the picture anyway. Haha

The triplets...one...

two and three

Silly girl making silly faces at Ella


  1. The Safari trip must be one of the favorites! You all look like you're having such fun! (Love Charlotte's expression, looking up at her daddy like "NOW what's he doing?") I don't know which is better, all the pics, or your hilarious slant on things, Sarah! heehee love it all so much! Keep it up, girl. Your fans eat it up, and it will mean the world to Charlotte someday!!xxoo

    1. Thanks Muv! It makes my day reading your comments every day! <3

  2. Ahh! I love pandas!! How much fun! Just reading all the things you all have done makes me want to take a nap! LOL