"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break." -Chinese proverb

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Liu Hua Hu- day 10

Poor Charlotte had a rough night. Here's what our routine has become: first, I change her into her jammies, turn off the lights, cradle her in my arms and give her a bottle, when she finishes it she climbs up to laying on my chest until she falls asleep, then I try to put her down in the crib, she wakes up and rolls to her tummy, begins to fuss, then I pat her back until she falls back asleep if I'm lucky, or I pick her back up, cuddle with her til she falls asleep and try again. She must have thought it was hilarious the first night when I put her into her crib while awake and she just quietly went to sleep, no drama. Fooled me into hoping it would always be that way! Hahaha! Well last night, for some reason, she could not calm down while we cuddled so I finally tried just putting her in her crib. She wasn't sure about it and I tried patting her back until I gave up. She was actually okay about it but just kept moving and rustling around. Finally, after forever, she fell asleep but then she woke up and coughed in the middle of the night for a really long time. She never fussed so I left her until she fell back asleep but I felt so bad that she couldn't stop coughing. Luckily, our guide, John, is amazing and said that he would pick up some Robitussin for us because he had to stop by the pharmacy anyways. Let's hope it helps.

After breakfast, we went to Liu Hua Hu Park. It is beautiful and you could probably spend the whole day there. It has a little amusement park and a nice playground and a path around the lake. While Liana was riding a go-kart, a little girl approached me to ask if she could take a picture with me. Of course, I said yes and of course, she wanted a picture with Ethan and Ella too. They were super sweet and gave me a rose. Then, by gesturing to the woman's phone, they asked if I was on WeChat (which is kind of like Skype) so I showed her my info and she took a picture of it and later sent me a message with the pictures that she had taken. So very sweet!

Charlotte looked so itty bitty at the playground! Seeing her next to other toddlers just made me realize how teeny she is! She is such a precious little doll!

The kids talked Erik into swimming again. Ethan had a strong desire to help Erik with his strokes. Charlotte and I sat in a chair and enjoyed from the sidelines.

After swimming and baths, we went out to dinner at the same Cantonese restaurant that we went to a few days ago, this time with a big group of fellow Holt families. Our guide said that there would be two tables: the amateurs and the pros and he had already decided that we would sit at the pros table since we all ate well the first time. So he surprised us with rice with eel in it! Surprisingly it wasn't bad! Liana loved it! They have a couple of tanks of eels right there for you to choose from if you want to. And other animals too. Slightly horrifying. Charlotte lost her mind on the walk home. I don't know if she just hates Cantonese food or what? Just kidding, she actually ate well tonight but I just don't think evenings are the time for her to be out and about. But no worries, we came back and shared some chocolate and giggles and she is already out for the count.

Now for a whole lot of pictures...

 Pics that the woman sent me on WeChat

Not having too much success but trying to have a conversation

Nice shot, Daddy! Look at those beautiful eyes!

Look at the tail!

The delectable items in tanks at the restaurant


  1. First of all, Charlotte is a little doll and very cute. It stinks she's not feeling well, but she couldn't have a better family around her than you guys. I'm jealous about the eel, never got try that before and I bet it's pretty good. Are those turtles in the bin for eating? Great pictures you guys are taking! It looks like you all are celebrities.

    1. Yeah, the turtles were for eating! Sad :-(

  2. Looks like you all are having so much fun! Erik and those underwater pictures!! SOO cool!! You'll have to tell me what he uses again. I can't believe the kids ate eel!! That is impressive!! Can't wait to hear more about it all!!!!

    1. I love his underwater pictures! Except when I'm in them, I always have a huge bubble coming out of my mouth or nose! (insert embarrassed emoji here) He uses a GoPro in a waterproof case. :-)

  3. Hi Travelers! Hope everyone is well--sure looks like it! Yummy menu! You are brave to try it but would probably regret it if you didn't. Charlotte looks SO TINY in these pics! What a little doll! I hope the bonding goes smoothly. You are all doing everything you can to show her what a sweet, loving family she has. We are so proud of you all. It's a courageous process. xxoo