"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break." -Chinese proverb

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wo ai ni! (day 9)

This morning, we went shopping with some of the Holt families at the Jade and Pearl Market.  China is known for both jade and pearls so I knew that we had to join in on this trip for some shopping.  Our guide told us that at the jade market, not to buy until we've compared prices at at least three different shops and to bargain with them around 30-40% below what their asking price was.  We got our best deals at the first shop we stopped at so we ended up there and Erik still got her down on the price a lot.  We got pendants for Ella, Liana and me and a Chinese dragon figurine for Ethan.  We were the quickest shoppers so our guide told us about a temple nearby that we could go see while we waited for the other families to finish shopping.  It was amazing.  It was set back from the road so that you couldn't even see it if you drove past and we were the only tourists there.  I was a little worried that people would be annoyed by us white people walking around, taking pictures but everyone was very nice and smiled at us.  After that, we all walked to the pearl market.  At the pearl market, the prices are more fair but you can still bargain some.  We got necklaces for all of us girls.  Erik got a great discount there simply because we didn't have enough money with us and the woman just said, "Okay"!  Oops! 

On the bus today, I was sitting by Liana and I leaned down and said, "Wo ai ni, Jiejing" to her, which means "I love you" and was looking the other way when I heard her say, "Wo ai ni" back to me!  I couldn't believe it!  I'm sure she has heard it lots from her nannies and learned to say it from them but that's even better because maybe she understands what it really means.  We still mostly call her Jie Jing, which is her Chinese name and since we're keeping it as her middle name, we may use it all her life.  We also call her Liana and, of course, Li-li too but it's hard not to just call her what she recognizes.  Even Ethan calls her Jie Jing sometimes, taking our cue, I guess.  But in the morning, when he wakes up, he yells, "I wake up!  Li-li a-sleeping?"  Yeah, well, she was...thanks buddy. 

I was sitting by Ethan on the bus on our way back and he was standing up jabbering away with the family behind us.  When I tried to get him to sit down, he said, "I making friends!"  How can you argue with that?  The man asked Ethan if he knows how to say hi in China.  Ethan answered that yes, he did.  Then, the man asked him how you say hi in China and Ethan replied, "Hi, China!"  Hahaha!  Silly boy! 

Tonight, we had dinner with all of the Holt families.  It was really good.  We had a big lazy susan on the table and they just kept bringing more and more food that we all just shared.  The guides must have ordered it ahead of time.  It was all really good.  Ethan and Ella hated most of it but Liana ate everything, even some spicy chicken.  Afterwards, we went to McDonald's for McFlurries.  I doubt Liana has ever had ice cream before because the cold surprised her at first but then she loved it and ate a whole one by herself!  Now all of the kids are bouncing off the walls, with a little help from Daddy. :-)

Sassy girls

Ella posing, Liana distracted by her ruffles and Ethan not sure what's going on...typical :-)

 The jade market

 The temple

 The pearl market

 Don't worry, that's just a Hello Kitty necklace

Ella adores her mei mei (little sister)
I just love sleeping pics
 Mmm...ice cream!
 Everyone was happy about the ice cream!

 Winding down


  1. Thank you for taking the time to keep us all updated! Tim and I, both, look forward to reading it, every day. We're always asking each other, 'Did you read Sarah's blog yet?' :-)

  2. Just when the pics couldn't get any sweeter, and the commentary on traveling with three kids (two of them 2yr olds) couldn't get any funnier (and interesting) THEY DO! Like Carri and Tim, we so look forward to your blog. I hope you plan to keep it up when you get home cuz we're getting spoiled! ha! I love Ethan's version of making friends, and Liana's "Wo ai ni". Precious! Much love, Mom