"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break." -Chinese proverb

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Goodbye Shanghai, Hello Guangzhou (day 8)

Sorry, no post yesterday.  We were so busy yesterday with traveling to Guangzhou and I was too tired by the time we got here and got the kids fed and to bed.  The flight yesterday was delayed...again.  Two out of three of our flights have been delayed so far.  Think we'll have a little luck on the way home and just have them all leave on time?  And why, oh why, do they put you on the plane before they inform you of the delay?  Wouldn't everyone be happier spending that time in the airport instead of on the plane?  Anyhoo, the flight was fine once the plane left the runway.  Our guide got us quick and brought us to our hotel, China Hotel.  It's a Marriot and it is fantastic!  Our room is amazing and we got the first good night's sleep for all of us for the first time on this trip, thanks to Unisom for me and Benadryl for Ella and Ethan.  Liana is just a great sleeper and so is Erik. 

This morning, we hit up the hotel breakfast buffet which was fabulous.  It was so nice to see other families who look like us everywhere.  We don't have to be the center of attention everywhere we go anymore!  Holt's offices are in China Hotel so all of the Holt families stay here and there are many other adoptive families here too.  There are 15 Holt families in all here this week.  Everywhere you look, there are adoptive families.  I love it! 

After breakfast, I gave Liana a quick bath and took her to her medical appointment while Erik stayed back with Ella and Ethan.  All of the Holt families gathered in the lobby and jumped on the buses and we were off.  First, we had to get the kiddos' pictures taken for their visas and then we had to have their medical check-ups.  There were about a million families there at the same time and we were all just being herded around like cattle by our guides.  It was crazy but I was just looking around at the tons of families around us and had to smile because all of those children didn't have families just days ago and now they do!  What a blessing to see so many new families all around me.  Back to the check-up, there are 3 stations that we had to hit: general medical, ENT and height/weight/temp check.  The actual checks were super quick, not much of anything but there was a lot of waiting.  Liana was super, as always, except when we went near anyone wearing a white coat.  As soon as we got close to any of the rooms, she started crying.  The hardest was right before we left, all of the kids over two have to get a TB test and I had to hold her on my lap and hold her arm while they stuck her.  I was worried that she would hate me after but she didn't.  She stopped crying the second I got out a bottle to mix.  Then she started babbling away, I assume speaking actual Mandarin but who knows.  She has the most adorable little voice ever.  I call her an Ewok because she sounds like an Ewok and she walks around like a little Ewok too.  So, so cute!  Wish I knew what she was saying!  Oh yeah, she was 32.7 inches and 25.35lbs, so pretty small for 2 years old, at least compared to what we're used to!  Ethan is 10 lbs more than her and at least 6 inches taller and only 3 months older!  He is freakishly huge though. 

Tonight, we went to the little play area that the hotel has.  It was nice for the kids to burn off some of their energy.  I get the feeling we'll be visiting that play area a lot in the next week.  After that, we had dinner with another Holt family that we met.  We've met some really nice families here and it will be fun to spend more time with them this week.

Every day is getting better with Liana.  She's always been easy but we are seeing her becoming more herself with us all the time.  Where she used to wake up sad and need time to get used to us all over again, now she smiles first thing in the morning when we get her out of her crib.  She smiles all day long and shows us a little bit of sass, which she should, she is two after all!  She calls me "Mama" all the time now, even when she's sounding annoyed it's "Mamaa!"  She just seems so much more comfortable with all of us.  I am just shocked.  I have read so many different people's experiences and I guess we're just one of the lucky ones.  She is such a doll!  I joked with Erik yesterday that after giving us Ethan, who is tough, tough, tough, God decided to take it easy on us with Liana.  Now, I have heard of adopted kids having a "honeymoon period" and then being much more difficult when that wears off so I am prepared for that to happen but, for now, I'm enjoying this sweet, smiley new daughter of ours.  She is just a dream! 

From yesterday...
Rough night?
 Ethan, doing his favorite thing in our hotel in Shanghai, looking at "the city" and playing with cars
 Cute gift for Liana from China Hotel
 Our room

From today...
 More bath pics.  This time with smiles so you can see that she really does enjoy it!

 Liana and Mama, heading out for her check-up
 Waiting for her turn
 Let's get this thing over with...
 Not fun!  Get me outta here, Mama!

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  1. So glad everything is going so well! It is so fun following your adventures, and seeing all the fabulous pics. Liana is truly one amazing little girl!! Wow! I am so glad you all finally got a good night's sleep, and hope that continues. Enjoy every day of this magical time. Kiss all 3 of those beautiful kids for us. We love you all and continue to pray for you. Mom