"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break." -Chinese proverb

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shopping on Shamian (day 12)

Today was a day for shopping.  We went to Shamian Island, which is where most adoptive families used to stay so it's really geared toward adoptive families.  You can buy awesome souvenirs for great prices so we loaded up.  We spent some time at the park there first and got some pictures with the usual sculptures that everyone takes photos with.  Then, we had lunch at Lucy's which has some great Western food.  I had a BLT and it was nice to have something familiar.  Even McDonald's tastes a little different here.  So, after lunch, we went shopping.  There were a couple of places that I  had heard were great places to shop at so that's where we went.  We went to this store called Michael's first.  Michael was actually the one who did our laundry.  Him and his wife are very sweet people and have two sons, which is unheard of in China with the one child policy.  I didn't get a chance to ask them about it but I'm sure they had to pay a lot of money to be able to keep their second son.  We bought several traditional silk dresses for Liana in different sizes and one for Ella, an outfit for Ethan, a couple of pairs of shoes to go with the girls' dresses, a fan, a porcelain tea set and a bunch of other fun things to give Liana throughout the years on, as another family called it, her adoption-versary.  Next, we went to Jenny's, which is known for cheap squeaky shoes.  Jenny was also very sweet.  I bought a couple of pairs of squeaky shoes for Liana and a whole bunch of other stuff.  Jenny kept saying that we were good customers and gave each of the kids a free little toy and gave me a bracelet, which I will save for Liana.  Apparently, I have good taste as it is a Shanghai style bracelet.  Perfect for our little Shanghai sweetie.  After just those two shops, we were done and it was time to come back to the hotel for naps.  We ordered pizza for dinner so we could just relax in our room and then we swam in the pool again. 

We're all getting homesick.  Most of the families are heading home tomorrow because they already had their consulate appointments.  Ours is tomorrow and I'm ready to get it done with, get Liana's visa and go home.  We're the only Holt family with a Thursday consulate appointment, which is the last day of the week that they do them.  I realize how lucky we are that we were able to get one at all this month and I know that we got one of the last appointments of the month.  I feel so extremely blessed that we aren't still waiting for our turn to go to China.  We have our daughter, she's sleeping right next to me in a playpen!  It still amazes me.  China is amazing and I know we'll miss it but Texas is sounding really good to me right now. 

Argh...can't add any pictures tonight because our connection is just too slow.  Sorry. :-(   I'll try to come back and add them to this post sometime tomorrow.

As promised, and after some work with this freaking computer on Erik's part and tears on mine (yes, I'm a basketcase right now, I admit it), here are the pictures.

 A Catholic church, in China!

This, I can do

This...I'm uh, not so sure...?

Always the performer, Ella started dancing in the middle of the park to a nearby singing group. 

There are always models being photographed in bridal gowns on the island.

A little sibling time in jammies before bed

My handsome boy

EDITED TO ADD:  I had started this post before Erik "hi-jacked" my blog and then came straight back to it and didn't see his post.  He gives me too much credit but I appreciate it.  Thanks Erik <3

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  1. Typing through tears again, this time because of your "hyjack", Erik. That was a beautiful tribute to Sarah, deservedly so, I'm sure. We don't know how she has gotten through this whole trip with such humor and grace, and energy! Seeing to the demands of three children, in a foreign country?? Well, it's not for the faint-hearted, that's for, sure, esp when you feel miserable physically! We thank God she had you as a partner. We always knew they would all be safe with you there, Erik! We've always been terrifically proud of Sarah, and one of her best decisions was to marry you! We love you all, and will continue to pray for your safe return home. Yes, we missed the pics, Sarah, but your comments were fascinating as usual! Thank you so much!! Love, Mom