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Thursday, September 27, 2012

CA, what more can I say? (day 13)

This morning, we had our U.S. consulate appointment (CA).  This was the last thing we needed to do for the adoption on this trip!  Hallelujah!  We survived all of the official appointments with a 5 year old and two 2 year olds!  The CA is the thing that your whole trip is scheduled around and the whole thing is no big deal.  We got there at 8:30 and walked out at 9:15.  Done.  You go in a little room with a bunch of chairs and some toys in the back, all of the parents stand up and raise their right hand and take an oath, repeating what, one sentence?, that a women behind a window is saying on a microphone.  Then, they call each family up and look at your papers for a couple of minutes and if everything is in order, they give you a receipt and you're done.  That's it?  That's it!  Kind of anti-climactic but we'll take it!  You can't bring cameras in there but we got a picture downstairs afterwards.  So we came back to the hotel and celebrated with Starbucks and playing at the hotel playground.

After naps, we wandered around and tried to shop but were unsuccessful.  We came back to the hotel, put on the kids' new Chinese outfits and took some pictures of them.  Then we had dinner at a restaurant in the hotel, watched a little Cars and put the kids to bed. 

It's almost time to come home!  We get Liana's visa tomorrow and then take a train to Hong Kong, where we will spend the night and then fly home the next day!

An awkward start

Love this one!  Doesn't the background look fake?  This is at the play area in our hotel!
Love, love, love <3

She said that her and Liana were "Asian girls" :-)

He's saying, "Kung Fu Panda!"

Little Chinese princess

 No silk dress for me but I had to jump in for one pic

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  1. Oh perfect pictures! Perfectly darling children! Perfect account of all these life-changing events, Sarah! Well done!!! Hopefully the rest of the trip will go as well. We are praying for your health, and the trip home, especially, Honey. Thank you for taking us all along! Much love to you all, Mom