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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Liana's First Christmas

I know this is late but I just haven't had the time to finish this post.  But I want Liana to know about her first Christmas so here I go...we had a quiet (haha...like it's ever quiet here) Christmas at home with just the five of us.  Liana's first Christmas!  On Christmas eve, we went out for pizza, came home and opened one present, got our Christmas jammies on, watched a movie and then took the kids for a drive to look at Christmas lights, while eating popcorn.  Of course, we set out some milk and cookies before bedtime and threw carrots and reindeer food on the lawn.  For some reason, Liana really got a kick out of throwing carrots on the lawn.  She bounced up and down with a huge smile on her face!  It was really fun and I just kept thinking that it was such a much better Christmas eve than Liana has ever had.  That night, we were woken up all night by a thunderstorm.  It was the first rain that we've had in I don't know how long.  So bright and early, the kids woke up and we opened presents.  Later that morning, the temperature dropped and the rain turned into snow!  Liana got to play in the snow for the first time on her first Christmas!  After the kids' naps, we had a great time playing in the snow.  LiLi didn't know what to think about it but after throwing a couple of snowballs at her, she got the idea and had a good time.  Overall, we had just a relaxed and fun Christmas and, mostly, just hung out in our jammies the whole day.  We were so happy to be all together with all of our kids with us!  It felt amazing to give Liana her first real Christmas!

Tons of pics...sorry, they're huge because blogger's picture uploader isn't working so I had to copy and paste from FB.

The five of us at a tree lighting ceremony.  Not sure how the "big kids" ended up being the ones on laps...?

Liana's first Christmas tree

You have to love a crying Santa pic!  Ella and Ethan have never cried so I kind of loved it!

Haha...Liana's skirt is so big, it looks like she's sitting on a cloud!

Sweet Ella

Mischievous Ethan

The three amigos

Christmas Eve in Christmas jammies

The newest member of the family...Ella's kitty, Sugar Plum

Look at her face...perhaps, too much sugar?

Time to play in the snow!

Ella is always picture ready...and apparently, Liana too!

What is this stuff?!

Think he's up to something?  Yep.  His arm was cocked back to throw a snowball at me!

Our little snow angel

Sweet sisters

Best we could do of all three...oh well

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  1. WONDERFUL description of Liana's first Christmas, and the pictures are incredible! What a happy, special time! I love that she was introduced to snow on her first Christmas! That doesn't happen very often in either Texas or Oregon! I just love All the pics! They all look so happy and adjusted to each other--family!! Love you all, Mom