"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break." -Chinese proverb

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One month together!

One month ago, a very sweet and beautiful little Chinese girl was handed to me by a couple of sad nannies.  This sweet girl was not thrilled about being handed to this white woman with a big, goofy grin on her face.  But she handled it.  And now I cannot imagine my life without this sweet, small, beautiful, loving child!  Liana has been with us for one month!  Part of me feels like...a month?!  It feels like she's been with us forever!  The other part feels like...a month?!  It's already been a month?!  So, after a month, this is where we're at...Liana is still a dream.  She has handled this transition from being in an orphanage with nannies and hundreds of kids to being in a family of five with three dogs amazingly well.  We never dreamed that she would handle this so well!  She is mostly just a very happy child and will smile at the slightest hint of teasing.  She eats everything we give her and may still hang onto that last bite in her mouth for a while but, for the very first time, today she let me know when she was full.  She actually handed me her last chicken nugget and was ready to be done!  She's gone from a girl who did not want us to remove her shoes from the orphanage to a girl who brings me her red, sparkly shoes and climbs onto the couch, sticks her feet out and waits expectantly for me to put them on her.  She's gone from a child who would not walk or even let us put her feet on the ground to a child who climbs stairs and runs around the house and climbs onto anything her short, little legs will allow her to.  She's gone from a child who had the saddest, most mournful eyes to a child who smiles so big her eyes disappear.  It's amazing what a month can do!  What a scary thing she has been through this last month...handed to strangers who take her away from everyone and everything she's ever known and take her on the craziest, busiest trip just to end up in a place where no one speaks her language.  What an amazingly strong child she is to not only handle all of this as well as she has, but to handle it with a smile!  People always comment on how lucky Liana is but we are the lucky ones. 

One Month!
 So happy!

Can I go now?

Yeah, okay, I'm outta here

Testing out the grass

Braving it!



  1. And what a month it has been! This absolutely amazing, astonishing and delightful little girl certainly landed in the right family! You have all weathered some incredible experiences, and came through smiling, together, and with your faith, and your love and committment intact! We are so proud of every one of you and so happy for this wonderful family which just "happens" to include the dearest, bravest, cutest little girl, that we cannot wait to get to know! Love and prayers always, Mom

  2. And can I just say the pics have been just spectacular. I couldn't choose a favorite, though the one of her crawling up the stairs is absolutely too cute for words! Oh they all are! Love the one of the three of them. Wonderful! Keep snapping em Sarah! :)

  3. Your family is blessed! What a cutie. I can't believe you've had her that long already!