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Monday, October 1, 2012

Home sweet home!

Oh, I'm tired...so, so tired.  After 26 1/2 (yes, I'm counting the half) hours of traveling, we made it back home at 9:30 Saturday night.  The kids actually did pretty well on the flights but I am just so glad that it is over and I don't have to dread it anymore.  Liana became a U.S. citizen when she we landed in New York.  Yay!!

I don't know why but the pics are always huge when I copy and paste from Facebook.

It feels great to be home and Liana is adjusting so well!  She loves all the toys but she hates the dogs!  If she sees one, even our little 8 lber, she burst into tears.  Too bad we have 3 dogs!  It is getting a little better though, she actually let one of them come into the dining room while she ate breakfast this morning and she fussed for a second but then just eyed her suspiciously the rest of the time.  She and Ethan are starting to do much better since we got home.  He's still...well, two and a big brother so nothing too amazing has happened but they are starting to play with each other and Ethan doesn't seem so angry.  Liana is starting to bond more with Ella too.  Sometimes, Ella can make her just collapse onto the floor in a fit of giggles.  It's adorable. 

I have no idea how Liana is handling things so well but she is just such an amazing little girl.  We stayed in three different cities in China, took 5 different airplanes (okay, only 3 for her), a train and countless buses, vans and taxis, we drug her all over the place and then made her travel for over a day to come home where there are 3 terrifying fuzzy animals just waiting to eat her (haha) and yet, she is full of smiles all day long.  We are so lucky to get to be her parents!

Jetlag, by the way, is killing us.  The kids all slept either good (Liana) or great (Ella and Ethan) the night we came home but last night, everyone was up anywhere from 11:30 (Ethan and Ella) to 1:00 (Liana) and no one seemed to want to go back to sleep.  Ethan burst into tears when I told him it was still bedtime.  Ella still managed to make it through a whole day of school today.  She wanted to go but I felt so bad dropping her off and emailed her teacher to call me if she seemed like she was getting too tired.  But, she made it!  Oh please tell me this jetlag will go away soon!  We desperately need sleep!

Today marks one year since the day we first applied to Holt.  I can't believe that even with the delays we had, we were able to bring Liana home in just under a year from when we began this adoption!  God is amazing!

Liana discovering what Ella calls the "treasure chest"

Cuddles for Daddy!

 Discovering the neighborhood

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  1. Ah, another post! (told you we were spoiled!)I hope you will all soon be sleeping well, and jetlag will be a thing of the past. Just love those pics--the one of our new U.S. citizen, Daddy (he has a right to look proud!) with a lapfull of littles, the wagon ride (and the back of Ethan's head looking fine),Liana looking so adorablly at home, well, all of them! We just long to see one of OUR baby, looking well and rested!! :) Hope that happens soon. Proud of what an amazing big sister Ella is! Love to you all, Mom