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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Well, we did it.  As of March 16th, we are DTC, dossier to China!  A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this dossier (well, not a lot of blood but I did get a nasty paper cut!) but it's done, finally done!  This means that we can accept a referral for our daughter any day!  China comes out with a shared list of children with "special needs" about once a month.  We just missed March's shared list so we're keeping our fingers crossed and praying that our daughter is on the April list! 

So if you're wondering what goes into the dossier, here it is:

Family Information Form
Application Letter
Birth Certificate-husband
Birth Certificate-wife
Marriage Certificate
Employment Letter-husband
Employment Letter-wife (yes, I really had to write a letter stating that I am a homemaker but could get a job if something happened to Erik!)
Certificate of Financial Status
Certificate of General Physical Examination-husband
Certificate of General Physical Examination-wife
Medical Letter (if necessary- necessary for me, not for Erik *grumble*)
Police Clearance-husband
Police Clearance-wife
Adoption Study (aka. home study)
3 Letters of Reference
Passport page-husband
Passport Page-wife
I-797 (I-800A approval)
Various photographs of our home and our family

And then you have to get almost all of those things notarized, certified at whatever state the document originated in and authenticated at the Chinese consulate that has jurisdiction over the state it was certified in.  Whew!  And here it is...well, our copy.  The official one was sent to Holt in a couple of different shipments so I never had it all together at once to take a picture.  It doesn't look like a big deal but it is! 

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