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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

End of the paper chase...?

Well, we did it...almost.  We have finished getting all of the documents together that we need for our dossier, except for the approval from USCIS.  Today, I sent off all of our documents to the Secretary of State offices that they need to be certified at.  Some for Oregon, one for Washington and the bulk to Texas.  After this, we have to send them to the Chinese consulates (the San Francisco one for the west coast documents, the Houston consulate for the Texas documents) to be authenticated.  I should be doing a happy dance, right?  But I'm a little on edge (err...maybe a little more than a little) because all of these precious and important documents that we worked so hard to get together and get done right are now out of my hands.  Oregon has already tried to screw things up by being the only state in the whole country that changed the way that they certify documents.  China is the one country that is not okay with the way they are doing it so it's causing problems.  I talked to someone at our adoption agency and they weren't sure exactly what was going to happen either but right as I was about to leave our house to send everything to the Secretary of State offices, she emailed me that if I request them to do an "old style" certification (old, as in, prior to January 26th when they changed it), they are now willing to do that until they work it out with the consulate in San Francisco.  When I talked to them 2 days ago, I didn't have that option so this change just happened.  Thank you, God!  Now, I'm just praying that everything is certified correctly and nothing is lost and when I get them back, I'll ship them off to the Chinese consulates and pray some more.

As for our wait with USCIS, we were fingerprinted last Friday so now we're waiting for them to assign an officer to our case.  Hopefully this happens soon and they approve it quickly.  Somewhere in China, there's a little girl just waiting for her family to come and get her.  Hurry up, USCIS!

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