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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Road trip with myself

Things are cruising right along.  On Monday, our dossier, minus the I-797 (the I-800A approval), which we were still waiting on, was delivered to Holt.  Happily, we also received our I-797 in the mail so I quickly got it notarized.  Then on Tuesday, I took a road trip down to the Secretary of State in Austin to get it certified.  This little trip saved us some time because if I had sent it in the mail, I would have gotten it back in about a week.  I have never been to Austin before so it was kind of fun to go.  I also hadn't been on any kind of a long drive by myself probably since before having kids! It was nice to be in the car by myself, for the first few hours, then it got old really quick!  It only took about 5 minutes to get the document certified and the Secretary of State building was right across from the State Capitol so I took a little walk around it on my way back to the car.  It was really pretty and I was so excited to be almost done!  On my way back to Fort Worth, I found a FedEx and made some copies and then sent our freshly certified I-797 off to our courier in Houston to be taken to the Chinese consulate to be authenticated.  It is being dropped off today and we paid to have it expedited so it should back in the mail tomorrow and back in our hands on Saturday.  Then we'll get it to Holt by Monday morning, as long as all of this goes as planned.  This is the last part of the dossier!!!  I can't believe we're almost done with our dossier!  I feel like once I know that our dossier has been sent to China I will be able to relax. But...then there's waiting for a log-in date, and then waiting for our LOA, and then our I-800 and then...well, you get the point.  But it's such a HUGE step, and it is the bulk of our part being done! I can't wait!
Last cerification, done!

Texas State Capitol

 Had to stop at Buc-ee's! 
If you're from Texas, you know about Buc-ee's

Had to bring home gifts ;-)

Got a lovely surprise that night and received one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen!
Charlotte is 4th from the bottom

On the way home from school, Ethan found a ladybug! 
Ladybugs are a symbol of good luck in China adoptions

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  1. Outstanding! I can't believe how much you've gotten done already! It feels like everything is going so much faster this time! Bet your wait for your LOA is shorter too. Sure hope so! I love the pics you chose for your blog. Charlotte is such a charmer (so are her friends!:)