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Friday, November 18, 2016


The paper chase is officially over! We are DOSSIER TO CHINA!!! I got an email from Holt this evening to let us know that our dossier was sent to China today and it is such a relief! I am always nervous that there will be a problem with a document but it's official, our dossier is DONE! I'm feeling pretty proud too because we got it all done in four months, which is two months faster than last time! It's a lot easier the second time around since you know what you're doing and it's not nearly as overwhelming. We celebrated by going to Chuck E. Cheese. Just kidding, we only went there because the kids' school was having a fundraiser.  I would definitely have chosen a different way to celebrate. 😜

So this list is on Liana's part of the blog but that was ages ago so here is the list of documents in the dossier:

Family Information Form
Application Letter
Birth Certificate- husband
Birth Certificate- wife
Marriage Certificate
Employment Letter- husband
Employment Letter- wife (or homemaker letter for me)
Certificate of Financial Status
Certificate of General Physical Examination- husband
Certificate of General Physical Examination- wife
Police Clearance- husband
Police Clearance- wife
Adoption Study (aka home study)
3 Letters of Reference
Passport Page- husband
Passport Page- wife
Various photographs of our home and our family

And most of these had to be notarized, certified at the secretary of state, and authenticated at the Chinese consulate.  Sooo glad it's done!

Here's a picture of our copy of the dossier

And here is the cutie that makes it all worth it

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