"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break." -Chinese proverb

Friday, August 10, 2012

A little love in a box

Last weekend, I finally finished a care package to send to Liana with a photo album, a lullabye cd, some stickers, a letter from us and a picture that Ella drew.  We would have loved to send something cuddly but our agency only lets us send the items that I listed.  I started working on our photo album months ago but I just couldn't bring myself to finish it until we were able to include a picture of her room.  It was important to me to include that because I think it could really help her when we bring her home if it's somewhat familiar to her from pictures.  It ended up taking longer than I expected to get around to getting her room ready because, well, we had to kick Ethan out of the crib.  We finally did that last weekend and he is officially in a Lightning McQueen big boy bed.  And he's doing great in it!  So now, our littlest girl has a room of her own.  It's not completely done but mostly.  So, after working on Liana's room all weekend, I worked my bum off finishing her photo album on Sunday night and included some pictures of her room and toys.  Our agency is sending our care package to China today and said that she should have it in 7 to 10 days.  I wish I could know exactly what day she will get it and finally see pictures of her family.  It makes me nervous and excited to think of her looking at the photo album.  She's not quite 2 but what will she think?  Will she like the pictures?  Will she understand even a little that the people (and dogs) in the pictures are her family?  Will she get the chance to see them very much before we come to get her?  I hope the nannies will show her the pictures often and read her letter to her and try to explain what will be happening soon.  A couple of mamas that I know that are adopting children from Liana's orphanage are over there right now with their kiddos!  Ella and I watched a video of "the moment" that one of my friends got her child that she had posted on her blog.  Ella watched quietly, absorbing it and just looked kind of sad.  She told me that she wanted to go and get Liana now.  I know how she feels.  I felt the exact same way watching the video.  Such a special moment and I am so happy for my friend but I'm ready for our turn.  I want our girl.  I was touched seeing Ella's reaction.  My sweet girl wants her sister home now and she's tired of waiting.  It's hard to explain to a 5 year old that we'll be getting her sister "soon" when we don't even know what "soon" means yet.  It's hard to explain it to myself too.  But it will be soon and in the mean time, we will finish up her room and hope that those nannies are preparing our girl for her family coming because we are coming!


  1. How exciting! I love the picture Ella drew for her.

  2. Look how close you are!! I look at your timeline and am in awe of all you have accomplished and how soon the dream will become the reality! I'm praying that this time next month will find you on your way!! Also I hope your little one gets lots of time to look at the pictures of her family, and become familiar with each beautiful face, (even the doggie ones)! Dad and I love your blog, and hope you add often to it!! Love and prayers, Muv.