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Monday, September 9, 2013


So, we found out the results from Liana's upper GI.  The nurse told me that Liana's fundo (her nissen fundoplication) has come undone and that she may also have a hernia.  She also gave me the number of a surgeon and said that if they didn't call me by the end of the day, to call them.  I couldn't get any more information from her than that.  I asked her if Liana will definitely need surgery (maybe a stupid question but I was flustered) and she wouldn't give me a definite answer, just said that the surgeon would be able to tell me more.  So a nurse called later to schedule an appointment with the surgeon but she didn't even seem to know what she was calling me about so that was kind of frustrating.  She couldn't tell me anything, obviously, so we will have to wait for our appointment with the surgeon, which is October 4th.  I really wish we didn't have to wait so long.  I mean, we have an appointment with a surgeon, so I'm assuming that means she's having surgery.  I guess we won't know for sure until October 4th.  Stupid lack of communication.  Would it kill them to just tell us what they know instead of making us wait all the time?

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