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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July and family

My laziness with my blog is growing each month so I almost made this a Wordless Wednesday post with just pics but I couldn't quite do it.  We had a great 4th of July.  My brother, sister in law and niece came to stay with us for five fun days!  It was so much fun watching the kids play with Uncle Tim, Auntie Carri and cousin Taylor!  Taylor and Liana are a year apart so I'm hoping that someday they will be great friends!  It sure made it more fun for our 4th to have family with us!  On the 3rd, we went to a fireworks show that we go to every year.  The kids had a great time and little Miss Liana handled the fireworks just like she handles everything that is new, like our spunky little go for it girl!  She was not afraid of anything and kept saying, "Cool!" during the show.  I swear, this girl is up for anything!  On the 4th, the guys went down and bought some fireworks and we found a (ahem) totally legal place to set them off.  It was a lot of fun since Texas has really awesome fireworks. 
It was so nice to have a family visit and we realized that this was Liana's first time having anyone stay with us.  She, of course, loved it and showed off her mad dancing skills over and over...and over.  She's turning into quite the little ham and is taking after big sis big time!  I can't wait to see how she likes the dance class that I signed her up for next month!  We are also going to do a Mommy and Me swim class in a couple of weeks and this girl is ready!  I think she's actually about ready to ditch me and do it herself but she's too young still.  I just love her spirit and her spunk so much!
Lookin good!
Sassy, as always
After seeing Ella get her pic taken, Liana wanted hers and this is how she posed.  Isn't she a ham?!
Then it was Ethan's turn to do his new, favorite pose
Our little firecracker!
The girls
And sillies
Taylor bustin a move!
Our patriotic three
Ethan being Ethan :-)
Liana's only 6 lbs. bigger but she thought that, as the big cousin, she should help
Proud to be an American
I love when I catch them in these moments when they don't know anyone is watching
She was a little too excited (crazy) so Daddy had to help her hold it so she wouldn't burn herself

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  1. Ah, Liana's first 4th of July! Looks alike they ALL enjoyed it. Love, love, love the pics. ONE of my favorites is the one of Ella and Ethan with arms around each other--precious! They are all great. Glad you had such a good holiday.