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Monday, April 1, 2013

Liana's first Easter!

Yesterday was Liana's first Easter!  Another first!  I remember that last Easter was our first holiday/special day since being matched with Liana and it was hard for me.  I hated knowing that we now knew who our third child was but we couldn't spend this special day with her.  Not only that, but knowing that this day would just be another day in the orphanage, another special day that wouldn't be special for her.  No chocolate eggs, no special pretty dress, no going to church and hearing about why this day is special.  I missed her.  I wanted to dress her up, take her to church, feed her a ridiculous amount of sugar and take pictures of her with her brother and sister.  This year was a wonderful Easter because we got to do all of that!  We had our typical Easter with an egg hunt at home, then church, then brunch at Cheesecake Factory and then a pretty much lazy rest of the day.  Nothing too exciting but it was fun! 

This might sound silly but there are times when I feel like, wow, three kids is a lot!  I sometimes feel like we are a large-ish family.  Adding a third child has felt like a lot, at times, but I love being a mom to three!  I know (quit laughing, Mom), a family of five isn't large.  I grew up in a family of seven so I know, I do, that five isn't large but boy, does it feel like it sometimes.  I really feel like we're getting the hang of it though.  We do a lot and we really love doing it all with our kids so we don't let that hold us back.  It's so much fun to take them places and watch them experience new things.  And they love going places and doing things!  I just love my kids.  They're not perfect but if they were, I wouldn't know what to do with them because I'm so far from perfect myself.  I love my perfectly imperfect family!  Now excuse me while I rescue the one who managed to get stuck in our slide.

Another drama filled visit with a special character...Liana is not a fan!

Easter egg fun!

The Easter Bunny came!

He couldn't stand it anymore so he plunked himself down to see what he got

The girls joined him

First Peep!  Mmm...I guess...?

Looking good for church

The girls talked me into matching shoes. :-)  How often can you match shoes with a toddler and a 6 year old?!

Waiting for a table.  Party of five!

My handsome men


She's over it.  Where's the food?!

And just because it just happened while I was finishing up this post, Liana just did her first somersault all by herself!  Woohoo girl!!

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  1. First summersault? Matching shoes? First Peep?! (well maybe not on that one-ick), but it all looks and sounds so wonderful, typical, and HAPPY!! As to a family of 5 not being big, and overwhelming??!! That is exactly what it is! I remember thinking I just could NOT get any busier, and surprisingly, I never DID! Three kids is the time it hits you--you are now OUT- NUMBERED!! And it's totally crazy, and totally hectic, and wonderful (obviously--look at those pictures!) You guys just SHINE!! You are just right!! What a wonderful Easter! The Lord couldn't help but smile at this family he had put together!! Love you all, proud of you ALL, and congrats on that summersault, Liana!!!!! :)